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Tuition-Based Program

Threshold Community Program is a unique program that addresses the needs of participants from preadolescence to adulthood. We group participants into peer communities, or cohorts. Each cohort is made up of participants whose goals, interests, and abilities are compatible with each other. This allows the best opportunities for participants to connect with others to form friendships and to learn from each other.

For participants who are in middle or high school

TCP’s program can educate struggling learners in a deliberate, compassionate way that addresses their underlying processing challenges and supports the emergence of complex, logical problem-solving and critical thinking. The program is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, and we offer two diploma options: Developmental and General Education. Some of our graduates have gone on to two- and four-year colleges, while others have ventured into the world of work.

For participants who are transitioning to adulthood

Our program can offer support for higher education, for career development, and for independence. For all participants, we work to strengthen participants’ emotional regulation, social communication, and the ability to build and maintain relationships.

For adult participants who may have completed high school

TCP is a flexible, individualized program that provides support in a variety of ways. Broad support categories include:

Basic Elements of the Program

The basic components of the program are as follows, although each individual program is ultimately customized based on the profile and goals of the participant:


Participants who are in middle or high school will have an individualized plan for their education, including classes to strengthen foundational processing skills, as well as classes to work on core subjects. Whenever possible, learning is experiential and built around participants’ specific interests.

Independence Support

Depending on the participant’s stage in life, independence support may include college or other school program support, job/internship support, executive functioning support, interest/affinities development, and/or other aspects of independent living, including money management, transportation and daily living. 

Individual and Group Counseling

Each participant meets weekly with a licensed mental health professional, both in small groups and individually. These experiences provide emotional support, developmental growth, and individualized work on communication and relationship building.

Physical Fitness

A combination of group and individualized activities occurring throughout the week to improve general health and well-being.

Affinities-Based Learning

Each participant has the opportunity to explore topics of high interest as a way to strengthen communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and more. Activities could include practical activities such as cooking; creative arts such as writing, music and photography; and other wide- ranging topics from anime to role-playing games to computer programming and more.

Hiking and Exploration

The program includes a weekly hike at one of many local wilderness areas. This format provides opportunities for facilitated group discussion as well as decision-making, compromise and negotiation, all in the context of a physical, community-based activity.

Residential Support

TCP provides independent living support to a growing number of adults living in residences for the long-term in metro Atlanta.

TCP offers multi-faceted services to residents, including in-home support and participation in the TCP community. In addition, TCP is working with a private foundation to provide financial support, meaning that individuals who qualify for some specific housing options can receive TCP’s services at no additional cost beyond monthly rent. The goal of this project is to help residents begin living in a stable, safe, high quality residence for the long-term, while also developing their independence skills and easing the financial and support responsibilities of their families.

Hourly & Summer Services

We help families provide supplemental care through our hourly and summer programs.


Our expert staff can help teens, adults, and families bridge the gap between their current care plan and developmental goals with a range of hourly services, including:


Our Eight-week summer program uses a flexible structure to strengthen social-emotional functioning, and support transition-to-independence goals.

The summer program is a great way for regular program participants to extend and continue working on their existing goals.

It’s also a great way for someone attending another academic-year program to connect with our community and benefit from our services.

Admissions Information

At Threshold Community Program, we evaluate each applicant and family comprehensively.

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