Standing in Solidarity

Threshold Community Program’s mission is to support the education, growth and advocacy of a marginalized population, and we are committed to creating a world in which all people are valued, empowered and thrive in just communities.   

Our mission is centered around people with disabilities, but it extends beyond and encompasses much more, as it must.  Almost half of the people who die at the hands of police brutality have a disability.   People of color are more likely to be diagnosed with a disability and less likely to have access to support systems than their white counterparts.   The mental health care system has a long history of marginalizing and abusing black people, effectively perpetuating white supremacy.  And, 50 -75% of the US prison population has a diagnosable mental health disorder, while the US criminal justice system disproportionately incarcerates black people. 

The intersection of disability, race, and poverty in the United States needs massive reform.  Because of this and our belief in the humanity of all people, TCP stands with our Black brothers and sisters across the country, against police brutality and against a criminal justice system that unjustly targets people of color.  TCP is against all efforts to suppress the voices of Black communities and to systematically deny the right to vote. We are against the suppression of free speech and the right to protest peacefully. 

In order to put action to these words, TCP commits to the following:

  • TCP staff will be trained annually around race consciousness, equity and justice.
  • TCP will incorporate this education into our curriculum for all participants. 
  • TCP will train our staff, local and national community on compassionate crisis management focused on de-escalation and non-violence.
  • TCP will immediately create a pro-bono program of services, to increase access to mental health services and disability support.

This week we will be lifting up the voices of Black people with disabilities, so that we and you can listen, learn and grow. 

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