Versatility & Discovery

Last August, before the start of the program year, our executive clinical director, Beth Champ, presented on our theme for the year: Versatility.

I think I can speak for the whole team when I say we didn’t know then just how much we would need to discover this quality within ourselves. No one thought, “We better get versatile, a pandemic is coming.” 

But here is where we are, and here has helped us to discover a whole lot about what we can do. 

It just so happens that discovery is a primary tool in becoming more versatile. “What is needed to discover?” was the question posed to the staff. 

Awareness and vision are needed, we learned, and these things come from within us. But it is not only about what we can search and find within ourselves that helps us have the courage to discover new things. Discovery is also nurtured by the (sometimes challenging) experiences we share.

In this time, the shared experience of Threshold Community Program has no doubt illuminated our staff’s, families’ and, most importantly, our participants’ strength of versatility. 

It can be hard to recognize growth in the midst of pain but, as a team, we have recognized our versatility at this time. We warmly invite you to do the same.

– Justine Vadini, Counseling Intern


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